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Tuesday Night March 20th Final Crusade Night!

Tuesday Night Final Crusade

Crusade Numbers 3-3500 people attended the last night of the crusade. Packed, overflowing crowds. The news of Jesus spread in the villages, and forests.

Tonight was a blowout night! A demonstration of the power of God! Those souls needed to be saved. Appx. 2000 souls saved joyfully!!! We divided the huge crowds into squares, and Pastors took their names for the new church plants, then they sat down. As far as the eye could see, the hands were raised to receive Christ! Apostle called the deaf and dumb to come onto the stage. Just to show the pagans that our God was real. Jesus opened up every deaf ear, and every voice box. It was beautiful. Here are just a few photos of the many deaf and dumb that were healed.

There was a mass prayer for healing:

This boy skin had a terrible skin condition. The power of God was all over him, he had an experience with the Lord, and he fell to the floor. The Holy Ghost was doing a mighty work in him.

We called for people to come to the stage to testify of their miracles. However, after many attempts, we recognized that the people were just desperate for a touch from God, that they did not listen, and the lines were ever increasing. And, the stage was soon full of people wanting prayer. The demands were so great. We finally had to leave, knowing that God had touched each one there.

The villages were left with great joy in the Holy Ghost!

MLMI helped establish 14 New Church Plants, with 2645 souls saved, in pagan villages that never heard of Jesus before, from 2 short Apostolic MLMI Miracle Crusades. With every church plant there will be water wells planted because of the persecution from the pagans. They have not allowed the Christians to drink from the water wells, so we Christians will build our own water wells, welcome for all to drink from.

The Indian people have suffered great persecution, some have even had their homes burned down, and lost loved ones.

We had a beautiful journey home, through the villages, beautiful landscape, and then to our many plane rides!

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