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Our Vision

To take the tangible presence of God, to the lives of people, so that lives can be mended, and purposes can be revealed. We will do this through the Spirit of God, and the preaching of the Gospel. We, as a ministry believe that with God, all things are possible. We have taken the words of Jesus seriously when He said, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8


Our Mission

" Our heart is to empower the church, and raise a generation of men and women, who will expand the Kingdom of God, by restoring our community, saving the lost,  healing the sick"


1. To win one million souls for Christ.

2. To conduct 5 mass miracle campaigns each year.

3. To conduct cutting-edge, Supernatural and prophetic Conferences, and webinars worldwide.

4. To preach the Gospel through every medium possible, (Ie: TV, Radio, Internet).


5.  To plant and establish 100 Faith-based churches worldwide.

6. To distribute Bibles, books,  and materials for Pastors and Leaders worldwide.

7. To feed the poor and needy on the earth.

8. To establish a $10 million dollar Joseph Destiny Foundation to help others.


9. 100 “Well for Life” projects.

10. Rescue 1000 children from sexual slavery,

11. To train and support 1000 missionaries worldwide.  

12. Provide Spiritual covering for ministers and leaders through our global network “Gain” (GLOBAL APOSTOLIC INTERNATIONAL NETWORK)

PURPOSE Expand the Kingdom of God, by restoring our community, saving the lost, healing the sick"

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