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Deaf and Dumb Healed

Deafness Healed

Apostle Everton called for everyone who suffered from deafness and prayed a mass prayer, commanding every deaf spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. Next he prayed for restoration of every damaged nerve. This is one of the many that were healed from deafness tonight.

This man was completely deaf, he lost his hearing at the age of 10, he is now 60 years of age. Tears of joy streamed down his face, as he could hear for the 1st time in 50 years. Tonight, his hearing was restored completely in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Ears and Knees Healed

With great enthusiasm this lady came forward to testify that her knee had been healed at the meeting. She proceeded to tell us that she was deaf, and that she would need prayer. Immediately, her ears popped open, at that point we had not even prayed for her. This shows the miracle power of sharing your testimony; as she testified of her knees being healed, her ears were healed. She had been completely deaf for one year. She repeated Apostle words, saying, ?I love Canada!? Joy was spread under that tent that night.

Row of deaf and dumb Healed!

Apostle called the deaf and dumb to come onto the stage. Just to show the pagans that our God was real, and make a public spectacle of Satan. Jesus opened up every deaf ear, and every voice box. It was beautiful. Here are just a few of the smiling faces after they received their miracle.

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