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Sunday Church Visits

Sunday Church Visits On Sunday morning, March 18, the team visited four different village churches, teaching and preaching the Gospel message. People eagerly listened to the Word of truth, and just as Jesus promised, miracles followed.

Pray No response ? Saw the Hindu charms on her ankles, as soon as they were taken off, the pain instantly left her body. Demons attach themselves to the charms that many of the people wear ignorantly, not knowing that there are some things in their culture that attract demons, which causes sicknesses.

Deaf Mute Healed The Word of God has the miraculous power to change things! This sweet girl from a tiny village church was born deaf, but as she sat in the atmosphere where the Word of God was being taught, the deaf spirit had to leave. By the end of the teaching, the girl could hear very well. She distinctly repeated every word spoken as we tested her. The power of God is always present to heal!

Church Dedication

Sunday evening, Apostle dedicated a new church to the Lord in a remote village. This church was planted after a previous crusade, held one year ago. Five people decided to give their lives to Jesus this night.

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