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Multiple Miracles Day 2

Heart Condition Healed

Amongst the villagers was a lady with her small child. This little boy had a heart condition since birth, and as a small infant had undergone open heart surgery. Now, doctors were saying that he would require another surgery. The boy was experiencing heart pain. After prayer tonight, all of the pain left the young boy.

Kidney Stones healed

This man had suffered pain from kidney stones for 6 years. Now that Apostle has prayed, he has been healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2 Years Of Pain Healed

This boy had throat pain for 2 years, and now after prayer the throat pain is totally gone!

6 years Joint Pain

This lady had suffered from joint pain for 6 years, after prayer the pain completely left her body.

7 years Joint Pain

This lady had joint pain for 7 years, the pain instantly left.

2 years Headache

This lady had a severe headache for 2 years, and she used a lot of medicine, after prayer, the pain was gone

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