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India 2007 The Vision

Pastor Samuel shared with us the effective vision and the outreaches in the jungle.

Pastor Samuel speaking:

In India, people serve up to 100 false gods per day. They have 95 celebrations per year for these gods. The rocks are gods, the cattle are gods, etc. We go into these places and evangelize to these people. We have crusades in these areas, bus the people in, and then many churches can be planted in 2 days. We send Pastors there to Pastor the people, we support the Pastors for a year, then the churches are self-sufficient after a year because we teach them the word of God. We teach them about giving, and how to be blessed.

From the crusades we are doing this week, we expect 7 churches to be planted for every crusade, and we are expecting 4000 people. We will be having 2 crusades, expecting 2000 people at each crusade. Approximately 400 of these people will already know Christ. The remaining will come to know Him, through the miracles, signs, and wonders.

We expect altogether that 14 churches will be planted. We have rented 11 trucks for the 2 night meetings. The cost is $30 Canadian dollars for 1 truck. Each bus carries 30-40 people, who have never heard of Christ, into the crusade grounds. We go to the places where there is absolutely NO CHURCH, not even a Catholic Church. Because, even if there is a Catholic Church, they will have heard of the Name of Jesus, but we go where they have NEVER heard of the Name of Jesus! That is our focus! Souls!

India statistical information: 68,000 villages have never heard of the Gospel; there are approximately 1000 people per village. That is 680 million souls that have never heard of Christ in the India villages alone.

We must continue to preach the Gospel to all the corners of the earth!

The promotions that were done for this crusade: We sent Pastors into the jungles to evangelize. We let the people know that there is also a meal for them after the service. The food draws them in. When the people come they will see the power of God, and His love, and they will say YES! Posters, banners, and television ads were throughout the region.

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