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Girl Healed From Polio

Shortly after birth this little girl had contracted polio, (an acute infectious virus disease caused by the poliovirus, characterized by fever, motor paralysis, and atrophy of skeletal muscles often with permanent disability and deformity, marked by inflammation of nerve cells in the ventral horns of the spinal cord – called also infantile paralysis).

She had never walked in her life! Her care-giver carried her every where she went. After prayer, she began to walk in the Name of Jesus! Life returned to every cell in her body. Her face glowed with the joy and glory of God! The church was left rejoicing!

We went back into the little church, and testified to the whole congregation. They confirmed to us that they knew her, she had never walked, and that she was always carried. On that morning, her caregiver carried her to church. She came forward and demonstrated how she would transport the little girl. She had to be lifted up like a small child and carried everywhere. I imagine that she would have been fairly heavy to carry. The whole church roared with praises and thanksgivings, as they witnessed her walking and running!

Pastors went the next day to pick her up for the crusade, and she was not at her village, she had gone to the next village to show her relatives that she could now walk. She is already an Evangelist, spreading the good news!

India 2007 The Vision Deaf and mute, Healed!

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