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The Great Physician – 7 MP3

Physician. He is the chief medical doctor for the human race. For 2000 years, He has been 100% accurate with His prognoses, making His healing and miracle practice unquestionably authentic. He is the Lord of Glory, Who releases healing virtue through His wounds, His blood, and His life.This virtue is the greatest drug man has ever known. No syrup, capsule, or injection can be compared with it, in any way. Today, this liquid life is flowing through every part of Jesus’ body. He is not only flowing through us, He is also keeping watch over every cell, and making sure they are intact. Nothing of satan is strong enough to neutralize this divine life. So get ready to go to a new place in God, as Apostle Weekes reveals fresh insight, on what it means to have Christ in you, the hope of glory. 

The Great Physician is 6 Part Mp3 Series. Includes:
1) Building the Immune System
2) The Great Physician
3) Having Faith in the Great Physician
4) Having Faith in the Great Physician Part 2
5) We Are Possessors of the Promise
6) Jesus Our Great Physician

The Great Physician – 7 MP3

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