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My Miracle Baby

In November 2012, Apostle Everton was at our church in Switzerland and had a word about, “Something spectacular out of the womb in the month of February; something divine for you two,” and to, “Go into prayer; go into fasting.” The prophecy was actually directed at someone else, but my husband and I both felt strongly that this was the answer we were praying for, about our next child.

On our way back home that night, we talked about it.

We felt it would be a boy, and decided to call him Everton. Over the next two months I spent twenty days fasting, and many hours with God daily. To make a long story short, we conceived in February! Because God spoke a lot about giving us a double blessing, we thought they were twins. But in the end, God explained to us that it is one child: one double blessing! As we know about the covenant friendship of Apostle Everton and Apostle Charles, we named him Everton Charles. He is our spectacular double blessing from God!

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