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Healed from Migraine Headaches

“Living Faith School of the Supernatural is like no other. With much education already ‘under my belt’ I wondered, “What more can I learn?” I soon discovered that I can learn quite a lot! I discovered the truth that we are joint-heirs with Christ, and all that He is and has is ours, including authority. As I studied and learned, my faith catapulted to new levels! Meditating on these revelations, I used them as weapons to function in my newly found authority. As a result, a long awaited document was approved and arrived in the mail. I was also healed of high blood pressure. I had been taking medication for ten years. However, during prayer, I heard the words, “Jesus can’t have high blood pressure, so neither can you.” I am now walking in divine health. Since receiving this teaching, my life has never been the same!”


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