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Completely Healed of HIV

“This story began just over three years ago, in the city of Cuiaba, Brazil.

Deatriz Santos was a dedicated Christian and very active in the local church. Much to her dismay, she soon came to realize that her husband had been having several relations outside of their marriage.

Becoming very ill, she went to the doctor to receive a diagnosis. It was at that time that she learned her husband had contracted the HIV virus and had passed it on to her. She was very ashamed and was too embarrassed to come to church anymore.

​Both her and her husband became seriously ill. Some people from the church sought her out to inquire about the reason for her absence. Pastors Jaime, Cecilia, and Junior Cruz of House of Blessing Churches and the Casa de Bancao Churches visited her and counselled her according to the Word of God. They strongly encouraged her to come back to church to hear the anointed Word of God being preached.

​Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”.

​Having received that word, she once again started attending the main Casa de Bencao Church on Wednesday evenings, continually hearing God’s Word afresh. Soon, there was reconciliation between husband and wife. At each service she would receive prayer and upon going to the doctor for further testing, the HIV virus count would continue to drop every week.

After just four weeks she was completely healed!

​Seeing what God had done, her husband, who was also very sick, came to a Wednesday night service and was instantly healed himself! But after only four months, he once again engaged in extra-marital relations. And as before, he contracted the HIV virus and passed it on to his wife.

The virus count was very high and attacked her immune system quite quickly. Her hair began to fall out and she began to lose weight rapidly. She was nearing death.

This was her condition when the team from Miracle Life Ministries Int’l came to Brazil three years ago for a series of Miracle Crusades with Pastor Jaime.

She attended one of the Miracle meetings that was being held and as Apostle Everton prayed a mass prayer for healing.

She was instantly and totally healed by the power of God! Today,

​she lives completely free from any traces of HIV. Praise the Lord!”

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