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How to invite Apostle Weekes

Because we receive more invitations than we can possibly accept, we have developed the following general guidelines to make our work efficient.​

N.B:  We do accept invitations for ministry that do not fall within these parameters, but only with clear leading from the Lord. After receiving a ministry invitation it is submitted to the Lord for his wisdom after confirmation from Him. You will be notified of our decision within a week.


Ministry Team and Ushers:

These two groups are vital in the success of our meetings. The Ushers will create and maintain order while the Ministry Team, coached by Apostle Weekes and his team, are ministering to the people. Our goal is to train people everywhere so they can do what we do. Please make sure to select people who are eager to learn and mature to serve.

Meeting with your Ministry Team and Ushers

Apostle Weekes’s Personal Assistant will meet with all local workers (Ministry Team and Ushers, Altar Workers etc.) before the first meeting, briefing them on the order of the meetings and expectations of Apostle Weekes in order to improve efficiency. Please make sure to set aside a time and a venue for this meeting, an hour before the first meeting starts.

Event Planning:

  • All Events are started and carried to completion by the local organizers in cooperation with MLMI.

  • When we accept an invitation we provide experienced personnel who serve as advisors to the local committees and volunteers. They will share methods, materials and knowledge gained over years of experience in ministry.

  • It is the policy of MLMI that Apostle Weekes travels and ministers with his core team (Pastor Tracy, Personal Assistant and Worship Leader) unless otherwise indicated.

  • Having invited Apostle Everton, the organizers will provide volunteers to serve in various capacities before, during and after the event. . We request that a book table be available for our teaching materials in a high traffic area and trained staff to handle the sales.


Traveling Team Members

  1. Apostle Everton Weekes and/or (Pastor Tracy)

  2. Personal Assistant to Apostle Everton

  3. Worship Leader (when indicated)

Event Confirmation

All events must be confirmed 6 weeks in advance

​All events must be confirmed and airline tickets received six (6) weeks in advance of the event.  Please note, because we turn down other invitations to share the word of God, to make room for your event, it is imperative that your ministry confirm your booking and forward to our office the purchased airline tickets (or the funds for us to purchase these tickets on your behalf).  All ministries events that do not meet our ministry deadlines will be cancelled.  If another open time frame is available, your event may be rebooked, following the same criteria.

Flight and Accommodation Arrangements

The organizers are responsible to purchase the Flight Tickets for the aforementioned team 6 weeks in advance of the event start date.  The best prices are available usually on line:

Should MLMI be asked to make flight arrangements, the following will apply:

  •  MLMI will book tickets and hold them for 24 hours (please note that the prices go up each day)

  • The organizers will be invoiced for the total amount

  • The total amount shall be wired within 24 hours to the bank account of MLMI

  • The Organizers are responsible for hotel accommodation; each Team Member
    will have their own room.


  1. At times, Apostle Everton likes to meet with the local church leaders and those who are instrumental in the local ministry, but please do not schedule other engagements or personal meetings for him without his prior approval or without communicating to his personal assistant.

  2. Please do not allow the name, address, telephone- and room numbers of the hotel to become public knowledge under any circumstances, as we would like to keep our focus on our mission

We look forward to creating a lasting partnership with you to spread the

Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation!

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