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Power of Dreams

“I want the world to know what God has done for me and that He can do it for you too. God has worked wonders for me in my life. I remember before going to Living Faith Miracle Center, I had a dream that I went to a church and I saw a tall black… Read more »

Healed from Perthes Disease

“Todd and Tara Greening’s daughter Samantha had been diagnosed with Perthes Disease. One day in the 1st grade, Samantha came home from the babysitters with a limp. She was taken to the doctor; there was some speculation whether she had jarred the rotator ball of her hip, or the cartilage, or maybe she had broken… Read more »

Answer to Faith

“My son was trusting the Lord for a new laptop. He did two things to activate his faith. First, he planted a seed. Then, each day, he faithfully thanked the Lord for his new laptop by writing out his prayers in his prayer journal. After 42 days my son received his new laptop. The Holy… Read more »

Completely Healed of HIV

“This story began just over three years ago, in the city of Cuiaba, Brazil. Deatriz Santos was a dedicated Christian and very active in the local church. Much to her dismay, she soon came to realize that her husband had been having several relations outside of their marriage. Becoming very ill, she went to the… Read more »

My Miracle Baby Boy

“At seventeen weeks pregnant, an ultrasound revealed that I was carrying twins, but that I had lost one. The surviving fetus had omphalocele, (a condition where the abdominal wall was not closed). I was advised by doctors to abort this fetus because the many ultrasounds did not give a positive outlook for this child. We… Read more »

The Power of Faith for a Job

“A young woman asked God for a job at a specific location. As she is not from Canada, people told her that could be difficult. Nevertheless, she chose to believe the word of the Lord. She got exactly what she wanted!” “Pay Attention to this power packed story of this young lady’s faith. Take a… Read more »

Given Brand New Car

“A precious woman asked God to give her a new car, and she simply took God at His Word, and believed He had good things for her. To activate her faith, she went to a local dealership and looked at cars she liked. A few months later, her friend took her back to the dealership,… Read more »

Delivered from Debt

“Two years ago, we had to close two businesses. We lost all our money, and owed a lot. We were slowly paying off our debts. We gave post dated cheques to one of the companies we owed money to. However, we still owed about $20,000. Recently, we received an email from them saying they would… Read more »

Healed from Fourteen Years of Milk Allergies

“Our son was diagnosed with allergies at six months of age. We were told that his allergies were very rare, and only two percent of all children ever outgrow them. One Sunday morning, Apostle spoke a word of prophesy that someone had received healing from their dairy allergies. I remember asking our son in our… Read more »

Healed from High Blood Pressure

“Living Faith School of the Supernatural is like no other. With much education already ‘under my belt’ I wondered, “What more can I learn?” I soon discovered that I can learn quite a lot! I discovered the truth that we are joint-heirs with Christ, and all that He is and has is ours, including authority…. Read more »