“I want the world to know what God has done for me and that He can do it for you too. God has worked wonders for me in my life. I remember before going to Living Faith Miracle Center, I had a dream that I went to a church and I saw a tall black man full of the Holy Ghost. He was a fiery preacher. He laid his hands upon me and immediately I was slain in the spirit and this all took place in the dream. I did not know that it was going to happen for real. My sister came home one day telling me about a church that she was invited to and she wanted me to go with her and I did not hesitate. The following Sunday we went to visit the church. The same experience that I had in the dream is the same experience that happened for real that day. I could not believe it! From that day on my life was never the same. I started to get closer to God and become more addicted to hearing the Word of God. I just wanted to be in His presence. I am going to share a few more of my experiences with you about my dreams because not everyone may know how powerful dreams are. Dreams unlock the future. Dreams give answers to all unsolved mysteries. I was working at a specific hotel, and one day I came home from work and my sister said to me that she had a dream. She dreamed I came home before my shift was finished and I looked sad. A couple of days after, I went to sleep one night and I had this dream that I went to work and my manager and supervisor came to me and said that they would like to speak with me in the office. While entering the office I saw a lady sitting and waiting for us. This all happened in the dream. The very next day I went to work and the exact thing happened in the dream. I was so amazed. In every dream there is a message. I remember there was a 21 day fast at the church at the beginning of 2012. I was fasting and praying for the 21 days and within 21 days of fasting, my breakthrough began. Everything that I desired to happen started to happen. Within that same time I received a number of job offers to pick and choose from. I got a call from home depot to come in for an interview. This one required 3 interviews 3 different days and the last one would determine if I would be hired and I was a little worried about the last interview. I remember before going to bed I asked God if I was going to get this job and I went to sleep. This was the night before the interview and I had a dream, I saw myself in the orange apron and there was this voice saying ‘do not place any limits on me’ and I woke up out of the dream and started to cry because God gave me the answer and I knew that I got the job. I went to the interview and immediately the store manager liked me. I started working there in January and within 3 months I became employee of the month and became the sales associate with the highest sales. I was employed as a part time worker but my manager made sure that my shift was set at 40 hours every week. Now I don’t have to worry too much about paying tuition because it pays for one of my semesters each year.”

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